Education is Essential!

American Hope Charities, (AHC), a research-based educational organization, is founded on the principle that education is essential for empowerment and freedom.

That principle is the reason we work to enable teachers to access classroom supplies and technologies with our TechnoKit3 Program. School children in East Africa and Latin America are being provided with disposable school supplies under our LearnKit3 Program.
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It also informs how we address world problems like poverty and the need for clean water. Where rural communities in East Africa and Latin America do not have adequate access to safe water, AHC believes not just in drilling new wells but in equipping local community members with the capabilities and equipment to administer and maintain a constant supply source of safe water.
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Colour Blind Killer is a documentary film completed by American Hope Charities about the extreme poverty conditions in the slums of Kenya and Uganda and the need to create microenterprises to help residents escape from poverty.

Where communities in East Africa and Latin America are consumed by poverty, we don’t simply provide money.

Each day we read about the global recession, but fail to see one of the biggest victims of its effects, America’s middle class, many qualified with degrees, experience and marketable skills. America’s middle class are living from paycheck to paycheck, unable to save for the future, and feeling disengaged to the economic recovery. The American middle class is fighting for its survival.

Education is essential to change the economic conditions of the poor of East Africa and Latin America, as well as the plight of America’s middle class. We are committed to provide practical financial knowledge and skills to help the individual for the rest of his or her life, both internationally and within the U.S.
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Decision making is perhaps the most uniquely identifiable skill associated with leadership. Young Leaders have a significant role in creating the state of mind that is the society.
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In concert with our strategic partners and investors, we are committed to help would-be entrepreneurs with micro-credits to fund new microenterprises for job creation as a permanent solution to self-sufficiency.
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American Hope Charities encourages the young would-be filmmakers to capture a vision looking at the past, present and future. We will support creative talents and promote the arts by bringing unheard voices and communities into public view.
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