Globally Exporting the Link to “Financial Literacy and Emergency Preparedness.”

American Hope Charities is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. It offers 34 years of interdisciplinary research and export advisory services. We have real world expertise in transnational negotiations to sell products, services, and technologies, as well as arranging to finance on open account and establishing in-country representatives, agents, and stocking distributors.

Our research and advisory team is a legacy from Hamilton Consortium, a global public corporation that holds the US record for the most Gold Key services, provided by the US Department of Commerce.

We offer our professional services exclusively by referral or invitation only.

We use eighty-eight percent of funds raised by payment for professional services to raise awareness on the urgent need to be financially competent, especially in the case of a natural or man-made disaster.

The International Trade Administration reports that 304,867 companies exported goods from the United States in 2012. Of these, 297,995, or ninety-seven percent, were small firms under 100 employees. These firms generated 33 percent of the nation’s total known export value. (Source: International Trade Administration.)

It is important for women-owned businesses and firms to export their products. Why? Results from 28 roundtable discussions around the US among women-owned firms and the US Trade Representative, the International Trade Commission, the Small Business Administration, and the Department of Commerce found the women-owned firms that export earn more money and employ more people. Additionally, on average they are more productive that women-owned firms that do not. Also, a women-owned business that exports its goods, services and technology average $14.5 million in receipts, compared to just $117,036 for a women-owned business that does not export. Exporting is a real-world financial advantage.

Financial Literacy³

American Hope Charities is committed to addressing one of the most pressing needs for the people of the U.S., ages 17 to 46 years—financial literacy. Effective money management strategies for economic freedom, wealth creation, and financial sustainability are among the most demanding needs of the US people, especially the middle class.

Financial education is essential to change the economic conditions of U.S. residents. Our initiatives 2020 are centered on regional States outreach beginning with California.

Through our Financial Literacy3 program, a tax-deductible contribution of $125 will give five US high school and college students a 279-page book that will provide the financial skills they need to improve their lives forever. Each gift will bear the name of the donor.

Strategic Planning and Decision-Making³

American Hope Charities provides research-based Strategic Planning and Decision-Making advisory services to U.S. licensed health care professionals, small business entrepreneurs, and women-owned businesses, especially women-owned businesses that do not export.

A tax-deductible contribution proportionates with the scope of work will provide a unique strategic and decision-making business plan to reach the donor’s specific goals and objectives.

AHC Productions³

American Hope Charities recognizes that the media shapes societies, values, and beliefs and brings new connectivity to an interdependent world. Talented youth in the U.S. is waiting for the opportunity to show how a creative mind can uncover the power within and give its audience a new perspective.

We support young aspiring filmmakers in their goal to deliver a message to a broad audience. We aim to encourage and promote US creative screenwriters and talents in filmmaking by bringing unseen productions to the public view.

We seek support from the public and corporations to fund film and television projects. A tax-deductible donation of $5,000 makes possible the creation, financing, development, production, and distribution of a seven-minute (including credits) film for submission and exhibition at the U.S. and international film festivals. The purpose of this short film production is to show these talents to investors seeking opportunities to invest in a full-length feature film for worldwide distribution.

AHC Productions³ Projects:

“Colour Blind Killer” is a documentary film financed by American Hope Charities about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the slums of Kenya and Uganda.

Shot entirely on location and directed by Josephine Wareta-Otinga of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, the film shows the dramatic suffering of those affected by HIV/AIDS and explores potential links to terrorist threats against the financial interests and the national security of the United States.

The 11-minute short was successfully entered into the “Unlimited” category at the 168th Film Festival hosted at Glendale, California, in April 2008.